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The must-bookmark price comparison engine, save yourself some time and money with PricePlow

Check out PricePlow to find the best prices on the supplements you use

For those that have not visited or even heard of PricePlow before, it is a website that you need to either favorite or bookmark in some way. As soon as you visit the site you learn pretty quickly how it all works. Simply enter a product in the search box, or look up the company behind it in PricePlow’s brand listing, hit search, and you will be given a list with the best supplement prices on the market, and where to get them from. If you are a long time follower of PricePlow like us, then you would have appreciated the recent update the company made to their website. They have kept the service the same, just overhauled the appearance, and are also looking to introduce a brand new feature. In regards to the upgraded design, the team have done a great job at making their site a lot more navigational and attractive. The new feature on the other hand is actually not going to affect the PricePlow functionality, but make it a lot more convenient. This is product price drops, where the company will post price changes of supplements every day. It’s a great way to save a little extra cash, see what might now be within your price range, and overall make PricePlow that much better. As mentioned earlier be sure to check out and bookmark the website, and look for a lot more updates from the team over the next year or so.

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