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Cookies & cream available from GNC, Quest Nutrition set to take pre-orders for their latest

Quest Nutrition set to take pre-orders for their new cookies and cream bar

Earlier in the week GNC and Quest Nutrition promoted the coming of new flagship bar flavor, that hinted at some sort of cookie variant. The day after it was first teased, Quest announced the taste as the classic and slightly obvious cookies & cream. While it has still yet to be confirmed if the option is going to wind up being a GNC exclusive. The makers of the bar are preparing to take pre-orders, with the opportunity for fans to secure Quest Nutrition’s cookies & cream kicking off tomorrow. Despite the seemingly organized launch, there have been reports of people already getting a hold of the bar, as well as the flavor being available from GNC’s online store. The only difference appears to be that if you are after a single bar of Quest’s latest you will need to wait until it hits the brand’s official website, or head into a GNC location. As the retailer only have them listed online in a box of 12 for $26.99, or the gold card price which we expect to be the same as direct from Quest Nutrition at $24.99.

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