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Quest makes a delicious iced coffee drink that’s high in protein and low in sugar

Quest Iced Coffee

Quest Nutrition has been on a roll this year, pumping out a surprising amount of innovation, from its new and improved Quest Protein Shake to its third dipped flavor of the Quest Bar and the crispy, crunchy, and lean Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs. The functional food creator has dropped many products before but not at this pace, and they continue to keep coming, the latest of which is a second beverage from the brand, introducing Quest Iced Coffee.

Quest Iced Coffee is an iced coffee drink, but unlike traditional products of this type, Quest Nutrition has given it that signature better-for-you twist and packed it with protein. The beverage combines coffee, cream, and milk isolate and concentrate for a delicious high-protein iced coffee that provides 10g of protein. The other macros making up its profile include 5g of carbohydrates, only a gram of sugar, and under triple-digit calories at 90.

Quest Iced Coffee

Quest Nutrition has done it time and time again: take a familiar food or, in this case, a familiar drink, and raise the protein as well as lower the sugar. Quest Iced Coffee does precisely that, all while staying true to an iced coffee beverage made with coffee, which combines to give you 200mg of caffeine a bottle. The latest Quest innovation is available direct in packs of four at $12.59 in your choice of two classic flavors: Mocha Latte and Vanilla Latte.