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Shawn Rhoden signs with his new brand, Flexatron moves from Signature Series to VPX Sports

Flexatron Shawn Rhoden signs with VPX Sports

For those that had not heard already, Ronnie Coleman’s lead bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden officially confirmed about a month ago that he was leaving his Signature Series sponsor. In the days that followed a lot of brand names that were expected to scoop Rhoden up were thrown around. However Flexatron’s resigning was somewhat washed away when news surfaced of the Welsh Dragon Flex Lewis moving from Gaspari Nutrition to BSN, and the Texas Titan Branch Warren taking his place at Gaspari. While it has been almost a full four weeks, Rhoden has finally come out and publicly announced, that he has decided to go with VPX Sports. The deal was made official over the weekend at the L.A. Fit Expo, with signings and photographs to prove it. Flexatron has yet to say why he went with the well known supplement company VPX. Although as mentioned in Shawn and Ronnie’s previous parting ways announcement, business was described as a major factor.