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Flavor review of white grape Amino Build, Muscletech’s exclusive better than the others

Review of Muscletech's white grape Amino Build

After using Muscletech’s Amino Build back when it hit shelves early last year, we discovered that it’s widely dosed formula was not just effective, but more effective than almost all the other amino supplements we had tried. Following it’s release the brand made the effort to increase the reach of the product by occasionally dropping it’s cost through extremely competitive sales, another volume in 50 servings, and a new flavor which we are reviewing today, white grape.

Amino Build did initially launch in just two flavors, fruit punch and green apple. With white grape coming a little later, first as an exclusive to certain areas outside America, then to as their own US exclusive. While we don’t usually review flavors, since we didn’t find the original two overly appealing we thought we would let you know that white grape is a great improvement. Muscletech haven’t mixed this to taste like your usual grape drink, something we expected purely based on the name. The title’s inclusion of white we have to believe is solely related to the product’s color, as it is not a word we would use to describe the flavor. For us it is a sweet combination of grape, bubblegum, a dash of fruit punch, and the smallest of sour spots. Overall it is of course dominated by the grape taste, but followed closely by bubblegum. Making grape bubblegum in our mind a much more suitable title for the Amino Build exclusive.

The question remaining is would it be worth commiting to whole a tub of Muscletech’s third flavor? Our answer is yes, and that’s not just because white grape is our new favorite. But because it’s mixture of tastes are a lot more enjoyable than fruit punch or green apple. While it may be difficult to find the variant it is worth the hunt, and with doing their unbeatable deals almost every week. It won’t hurt to switch it up for a month, or even switch to it if you’re not an Amino Build user already.

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