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Splyce BCAA ratio confirmed at 2:1:1, Driven Sports give their latest it’s own page

Driven Sports upcoming amino Splyce gets it's own Facebook page

It was only just yesterday that we got wind of Driven Sports first new supplement in sometime with the amino acid formula Splyce. We were also told that there were two more products on the way. One of them with the title Frenzy, a supplement rumored to be the highly anticipated follow up to the pre-workout Craze. Sticking with what we know and what has been confirmed in Splyce. Driven Sport’s have dropped another update on the intra-workout formula, revealing a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio. Unfortunately the train does end there as far as new information goes. Although like all of the brand’s other products, Splyce has now also got it’s very own Facebook page. The social media spot offers a direct connection to any and all information on supplement as it is released. We have still yet to see a launch date of any kind from Driven Sports themselbes, but if you are interested in staying in the loop or even just support Splyce. Head on over to the product’s page, where your like will add to the 275+ people who have already confirmed their interest.

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