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Amino fuel Splyce one of the upcoming three, Driven Sports getting back in the game in 2014

Driven Sports confirm three new supplements one of them Splyce

A brand that we have seen very little of since all the drama developed around their pre-workout Craze, is Driven Sports. The company behind the controversial formula has been almost non-existent since they became the center of attention last year. When the media made claims that their energizing supplement Craze contained a methamphetamine like compound. Despite their now somewhat altered reputation, Driven Sports are looking to get back in the game in 2014 with three new products. The first formula that has made the rounds and been spotted on more than one occasion is the intra-workout amino fuel Splyce. The supplement has shown up in magazines and a few spots on the internet confirming two flavors watermelon and fruit punch, as well as a tub size of 388g. The other two items that are expected to arrive over the next month or two have very little information available on them, zero in fact. With just a name for one, Frenzy. There are a lot of rumors floating around that Frenzy or the other product could be the Craze sequel fans have been waiting for. But with no official word from Driven Sports, the only things we have to confirm for the three supplements are the few details behind the amino formula Splyce.

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