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Muscle Ammo and more featured in family photogrph, EAS looking to rebrand or introduce a new product line

New supplement series from EAS arriving between June July

Veteran supplement company EAS have been out of the news for some time now, but are looking to come back in 2014 with what looks to be a rebranding. There has been no confirmation of whether or not it is actually a rebranding. Only an image featuring a total of ten fresh faced formulas, with a couple of them current items from EAS relabeled. The picture does also have some never before seen products including what appears to be a protein powder in Muscle Ammo, 100% Pure BCAA, Creatine, and Glutamine. A couple of specialty formulas Muscle Physique, Muscle Hydration, Muscle Ignition, and the protein bar Muscle Snack. Fortunately despite the lack of details, contents information, and material on the upcoming EAS rebranding or possible range. We have been given an estimated time of arrival, at about five or six months from now, in June or July.

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