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Killa Ketones not stimulant free but packed, facts panel for Grenade’s latest revealed

Facts panel for Grenade's new white grenade Killa Ketones

Two days ago Grenade made a big announcement revealing their third entry into the weight loss market with the new supplement Killa Ketones. The brand dropped an image of the product, as well as a summarizing line, ‘formulated specifically for females’. That combined with the few contents revealed, suggested that there was the possibility that Grenade’s latest could be a stimulant free fat burner. As it turns out Killa does in fact feature 200mg of caffeine. However on top of that, the brand have included a number of other ingredients at powerful doses. That even if you take away it’s target market, make it a unique enough supplement to take on the world by itself, and find it’s own audience. Of the course the reason we know that Killa Ketones includes caffeine and other ingredients is because Grenade have released the product’s facts panel. The reveal also confirms that the brand have kept things consistent, transparently detailing the dose of each feature in the formula. To round out the update, Killa is expected be dropping within the next few weeks. So be sure to check out the facts panel below to see what Grenade have in store for everyone.

Grenade Killa Ketones facts panel
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