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MuscleMeds new fat burner finally released, eight piece Phenbuterol formula confirmed

MuscleMeds launch their new fat burner Phenbuterol

MuscleMeds gave their first release honors for 2014 to the surprise muscle builder Power Test. They then sort of looked like they would be getting another new product out before their previously previewed fat burner Phenbuterol, with the sneak peek of Secret Sauce. As it turns out, the brand’s weight loss formula is going to be the second supplement for the year as MuscleMeds have officially launched the product. With the release of Phenbuterol has also come it’s facts panel revealing an eight piece proprietary blend featuring highlights such as caffeine, Advantra Z, and rauwolfia extract (rest below). The brand have taken the single capsule angle, giving Phenbuterol a total of just 30 capsules per box. Which despite having no directions or recommendations available, we feel hints at the supplement being limited to one single capsule serving a day. Right now there doesn’t appear to be any retailer stocking Phenbuterol, but if it’s launch process goes anything like Power Test’s. Fans can expect to see the fat burner in stores in the next few weeks. If the wait becomes a bit too much to bare, feel free to head on over to MuscleMed’s website, where currently you can purchase the supplement for $49.99.

MuscleMeds Phenbuterol facts panel
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