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Cinnamon bun replacing discontinued s’mores, Muscle Pharm keep Combat at eight flavors

Muscle Pharm discontinuing s'mores Combat Protein Powder

For all those Muscle Pharm fans that may be looking around for the originally exclusive s’mores Combat protein powder. The combination taste is going to become increasingly difficult to find. The main reason being that Muscle Pharm have in fact discontinued their hard candy option. While some stores are still listing the flavor. Over the next few weeks and months, they should all slowly join the handful of those that are currently labeling s’mores Combat as discontinued. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious reason behind the removal of the taste, however the places without it are replacing it with Combat’s new cinnamon bun. A variant that is showing up at the same speed s’mores is disappearing, and despite early information has been confirmed for both of the supplement’s sizes, 27 serving 2lb and 54 serving 4lb. If you do want to hold on to a piece of the past, your best bet would be to stock up as much as you can, as fast as you can. As mentioned some stores are still listing the flavor, but if it’s anything like Bullet Proof, it will be gone before you know it.

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