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Myo-Blitz XS extra strength title justified, review of Ronnie’s sequel pre-workout

Last year Ronnie Coleman released an updated version of his pre-workout supplement Myo-Blitz. The product essentially kept over all of it’s predecessor’s ingredients and introduced a number of new ones with beta alanine, betaine nitrate, yohimbine, cocobuterol, acacia rigidula, adhatoda vascia, and an alternate extended release form of caffeine. We immediately assumed the additions would make a difference, and as promoted by Ronnie, further the original’s signature effects. Our review may be a little dated considering Myo-Blitz XS did launch last year, however the supplement is still the brand’s pre-workout and in our minds was worth putting to the test.

After using the previous Myo-Blitz formula, we found that it wasn’t as strong as we had hoped. But did deliver an effective package featuring a solid amount of energy, and a bit of intensity to get you through your workout. As mentioned above, the brand promised that they had kept over all the positives from the original, and then built on them. We can confirm that is in deed what they have done, packing Myo-Blitz XS with enough additional energy and improved intensity to justify the extra strength abbreviation.

We are going to start off detailing the energy, something that if it were to be given a score out of five, it would be getting a five. At it’s maximum dose there were one or two occasions where we thought the effect was too much, every other time however it blew us away. The energy is almost an immediate pick me up that does not ease in, nor dose it build. It just hits you like a train and puts you on a high for a good 45 to 60 minutes. For those of you who enjoy the experience of high octane pre-workouts like Lecheek’s Speed X3, Neon Sport’s Volt, and Pure Lab’s Turbo. Myo-Blitz XS could be to your liking. It doesn’t quite have that comfort and somewhat co-operative energy that you get in the others. But it still brings the effect in full force and will have you going set after set, rep after rep. The second area where Ronnie Coleman made improvements is in intensity. This for us is the turn around and short recovery time most successful supplements tend to offer. The effect was slightly present in the previous edition of Myo-Blitz, and has been somewhat improved for the sequel Signature Series pre-workout. The formula doesn’t have it at an amount that competes with some of the best, however it is enough to notice a decrease in the time you spend sitting down or walking around.

While Myo-Blitz XS does only deliver in two areas for us, there is a bit more to the product. The energy and intensity we do feel play off one another, and by that we mean amplify. The energy does kick in early and lift you to a point where it’s basically all you can feel. The intensity then comes into play more and more as you progress through your workout. Combined the two essentially create a drive, where you want to keep going back to the weight, rack, or machine. Not just because of the shortened rest periods, but also because of the energy that fuels you in such an over the top amount, that you almost don’t require recovery at all. In some instances it will see you repping with what we can best describe as empty amounts of energy. Which near the end of your routine can seem like more of a weakening or crash. It basically leaves you with zero feeling, and becomes more of an out of body ride. Something some may see as a downside, especially those who enjoy a pump filled or more focused experience. Two things in fact that are not really a part of Myo-Blitz XS, with the exception of maybe focus. Which we feel actually only has a small presence, and something that comes with or is created by the strong energy and mild intensity.

The best way to summarize Ronnie’s Signature Series pre-workout, would be to say that it is a step up on the original Myo-Blitz. And that is a step up in all areas. Everything that the first version of the supplement had is in the second, and increased to keep up with the competition. It’s energy is at a level that mixes with the best, as well as intensity that isn’t as impressive, however still a part of the product. Despite all the positives, Myo-Blitz XS does have it’s faults as mentioned. While energy and intensity are always good together. When they are not balanced enough, one always ends up leading the way and stealing the show. Resulting in a workout that when compared to what else is on offer in the category, comes off as a rather incomplete experience. There is no doubting the effectiveness of Myo-Blitz XS, it is a supplement that will most definitely have an audience with it’s overpowering high. Unfortunately without a strong presence of focus, pump, and performance, or any sort of comfortable balance. We believe it falls quite a bit behind a lot of the big names currently leading the way in the pre-workout market.