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Secret Sauce four part feature list, MuscleMeds post-workout confirms bioactive peptides

List of features for MuscleMeds upcoming Secret Sauce

While we don’t exactly have all the details on MuscleMeds upcoming post-workout supplement Secret Sauce. The brand have uploaded a short list of the features from the product, further confirming and describing what the main highlights of Secret Sauce are. Starting off with what we already know, MuscleMeds have packed the formula with a 10g dose of 10:1:1 BCAAs, essentially a double serving of Amino Decanate. Next up we have the iSpike carbohydrate system at a weight of 50g, the same technology that can be found in MuscleMeds mass protein Carnivor Mass. Third item on the list is CRE3, a creatine complex suggesting something similar to Muscle Pharm’s CRE3 creatine nitrate. However it is actually a three part creatine blend made up of monohydrate, MagnaPower, and gluconate. Last but not least is Secret Sauce’s fourth feature, 5g of ‘bovine serum albumin bioactive peptides & growth factors’. Something that appears to be along the same lines as the contents of iSatori’s Bio-Gro. But with the few details available, we aren’t confirming anything more than the ingredient’s official name. From here all we can do is wait patiently until MuscleMeds launch Secret Sauce, as we feel the four piece feature list revealed leaves nothing much else to be said about the supplement.

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