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Upcoming supplement brand Fuel:One, Iovate effort set to feature 8 products

Sportika announce their new Iovate collaboration Fuel:One

Fuel:One is something the supplement distribution giant Sportika have been teasing for sometime. They have shown a few sneak peeks in the past, however their latest one gives enough away to get an idea of exactly what Fuel:One actually is. The name is in fact the title of a new brand that has been put together with the help of the research and development team behind Muscletech. The effort is set to see a total of eight different products launch sometime between April and May. Based on the semi-shaded image announcing the name Fuel:One. We can confirm titles for some of the supplements with Whey Build and Mass Build, expected to be a protein powder and lean gainer. The creatine CreaPro3, and what appears to be the pre-workout 6th Gear. The remaining four we can not make out their exact names, but can confirm the categories they are destined for with weight loss, amino, multi-vitamin, and post-workout. More information should be revealed as we move closer to the line’s release, which if all goes to plan could be a minimum of about six weeks away.

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