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Higher end Innovator titled the Originator, 6 Pack preview their mystery meal management

6 Pack Bags preview their new Originator 300 and 500

Originally previewed leading up to 6 Pack Fitness’s big Friday pre-order launch of their Elite, Expert, and Prodigy Collections. Were two products that never actually made to the brand’s website. The first one was the Alpha Duffle, which 6 Pack have since shown off a number of times, but still not listed online. With the second being the one just named and pictured in more detail today. The title of the second unseen and more mysterious meal management system is the Originator. The bag is strikingly similar to the Innovator, more so that it comes in two variants, the Originator 300 and 500, three and five meal options. Basically what separates the two is the even higher quality and significantly more detail in the latest 6 Pack innovation. From the imagery you can see there is an additional pocket up top, as well as more pockets on the product’s main door. As for the things that can’t be seen, 6 Pack are expected to be using slightly different materials to make the bag that much stronger, durable, and overall just better. While the Originator has yet to be uploaded to the brand’s website, we do know that it will be arriving with a much higher price tag compared to the Innovator.

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