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New and improved Razor8 now available, AllMax Nutrition pre-workout arrives at an unbeatable price

AllMax Nutrition's new Razor8 now available at

AllMax Nutrition’s updated pre-workout Razor8, that surfaced just a few days prior to the Arnold Classic, is now making it’s way to stores. The fully transparent formula was already detailed in it’s initial announcement, however no exact date was confirmed. Today a little under three weeks after it’s unveiling, AllMax’s latest can be found at While it’s arrival is exciting, the more interesting thing about the product is actually it’s price. For the regular 30 serving Razor8 you will be looking at a cost of $24 a bottle. Which is definitely competitive, however the surprise comes with the 60 serving tub valued at a strong $37. If the new and improved supplement does deliver on at least half it’s promises. Those prices will make Razor8 one of the most cost effective and competitive pre-workouts available. As mentioned the product is now on sale at in all three flavors, extreme berry, key lime cherry, watermelon.

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