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Arnold Series Iron Pump bumped up to four, Muscle Pharm carry over pineapple mango

Muscle Pharm confirm pineapple mango for the Arnold Series Iron Pump

Muscle Pharm’s Iron Pump, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series supplement the brand put together as Hybrid N.O’s successor. Was originally launched in a handful of flavors, three to be exact, the classics fruit punch, raspberry lemonade, and watermelon. While not every stockist is listing all three options, a fourth one is expected to become available sometime next month. The recipe set to join Iron Pump’s fruity menu is one that can already be found on Muscle Pharm’s Assault flavor list, pineapple mango. At the moment we can not confirm whether or not the variant will be hitting all stores, without any exclusives. However we do know that pineapple mango is not the only new option the brand will be releasing. In total there are expected to be more than five different variants launched in April, most going to a variety of different products, with one supplement due to get more than one.

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