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Second Raging Bull Series Carnivor flavor, MuscleMeds 1lb protein spotted in iced coffee

MuscleMeds Raging Bull Series Carnivor iced coffee flavor

Something that has shown up at the Arnold Classic in MuscleMed’s promotional posters, on top of the exciting and highly anticipated Secret Sauce. Is the Carnivor variant we posted about last week, the Raging Bull Series 1lb.

At first glance the product did look like a smaller gourmet edition of the brand’s beef protein formula. After looking at it a little closer however, we discovered that the pouch packaged supplement was not only an alternatively flavored Carnivor option, but a caffeinated one as well. While unfortunately we don’t have any more details about what else is different in the Raging Bull Carnivor. We can tell you that the miniature product has been spotted in another flavor outside of the confirmed chocolate thunder, with iced coffee. As mentioned nothing much more has been revealed, except for the new taste of course. But with all that MuscleMeds currently have going on, we aren’t surprised at what little information is available for the Raging Bull Series.

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