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Pure Whey Plus gets the Combat treatment, Champion go the other way with less flavors

Champion Performance confirm a new 2lb size for Pure Whey Plus

Champion performance have announced a move very rarely seen, with the introduction of a smaller 2lb tub size for their mainstream protein powder Pure Whey Plus. Currently the supplement is only available in the one 63 to 67 serving size of 4.8lbs. Listing a total of seven different flavors banana cream, chocolate peanut butter cup, cookies & cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie, cocoa mochaccino, and strawberry sundae. Joining Pure Whey Plus’s almost 5lb volume is as mentioned a 2lb option, although instead of carrying over all the product’s tastes. Champion have decided to go with just the menu’s two most common flavors, chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream. Fans can expect to see the supplement’s latest additions in stores soon, with direct availability also due to go live around the same time.

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