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White Pump’s pineapple added to White Flood, Controlled move their Reborn menu to four

Controlled Labs add a fourth flavor to White Flood Reborn

Controlled Lab’s recently announced White Pump, their very own entry into growing pump pre-workout market. In it’s initial preview image, the brand confirmed one flavor for the product with white pineapple. It turns out that unique and lonely taste has also been chosen to be carried over to Controlled’s current pre-workout effort, White Flood Reborn. At the moment the sequel supplement is still sitting with the options it launched with, furious fruit punch, electric lemonade, and juicy watermelon. Fans can expect to see the new white pineapple take Reborn to four flavors almost immediately, as the taste has already begun showing up in stockists. The only downside to the addition is that it appears to be available in just the 30 serving tub. Not a huge upset, but for those looking to keep expenses down the 25%+ difference in price could be a deal breaker.

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