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Exclusive Dymatize ISO 100 flavors no longer exclusive

Starting this week Dymatize Nutrition’s two ISO 100 flavors will be available outside of their exclusive retailer. The two tastes were initially introduced to celebrate the brand’s 20th year in the business, with birthday cake and fudge brownie being produced for two of the supplement’s three sizes, 1.6 and 5lb. Unfortunately Dymatize’s latest ISO 100 options has not shown up in the mid-range 3lb volume, for the increase in distribution. However that is not to say the brand aren’t planning on changing that sometime in the near future. The other detail that has come with the news of the additional stockists, is that while birthday cake’s title did suggest it would only be around for a limited time. It now appears to be an ongoing flavor, along with fudge brownie. Some Dymatize retailers are already showing up with both options, so expect to see the duo at your local stockist sometime over the next few weeks.

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