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Upcoming 2014 Namaste Tote previewed, Fitmark pre-order month just a few days away

Fitmark preview their upcoming 2014 Namaste Tote

As Fitmark build in to the opening of pre-orders and uploading of all their new bags, the brand continue to preview more and more of their upcoming products. The latest to be shown off, is an item from what Fitmark are calling their Namaste Collection. Currently Fitmark do have the Namaste Tote, suggesting that the multi-purpose product pictured above could be the start of a Namaste inspired series. As for details on the item in the image, it does look very similar to the current Namaste Tote. So there is a good chance the one previewed could actually be an updated edition, or possibly a step up on the original Namaste with added features inside. There is one thing we do know for certain which does separate it from the version already on sale, and that is it’s logo. Like some of the others Fitmark have dropped sneak peeks of, the ’14 Namaste has a custom shaped rubber centerpiece, as opposed to the usual patch. Most of the news coming from Fitmark is quite vague, however it does make the build up to the arrivals that much more enjoyable.

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