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#tremendous white grape Game Day arrives, MAN embrace social media with their new Natural Body exclusive

MAN Sports release their natural body inc. exclusive Game Day tremendous white grape

Almost one month ago MAN Sports confirmed the coming of a fifth flavor for their successful and still highly ranked pre-workout supplement Game Day. Previously the new taste had not been titled, however today now that it has officially been launched, it’s name has been revealed. Joining classic fruit punch, candy grape, blue bomb-sicle, and tigers blood, is a second grape recipe, #tremendous white grape. While many may be wondering whether this is a blog or a social network. The hashtag with the flavor’s title is in fact intentional, as it is also on the new Game Day option’s label. We aren’t entirely sure what MAN’s intentions are behind the use of the symbol. Although for us, we feel it’s definitely going to encourage people to share and post about the taste, and MAN actually see the attention. As #whitegrape would be a lot more difficult to sort through. If you would like to get your hands on the latest variant of our top five pre-workout, it is only available from it’s exclusive retailer Natural Body Inc, and only for a limited time.

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