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Mystery strong supplement titled Phenadrol, Genomyx preview their upcoming fat burner

Preview of Genomyx's upcoming weight loss supplement Phenadrol

Genomyx previously confirmed the coming of a fat burner, that they simply described as strong. The brand have now followed up on their short and sweet description with a hand full of details for the supplement, all of which come from the weight loss formula’s preview image. Starting with it’s title, Genomyx have gone with the name Phenadrol, and list a total of three highlights including appetite suppression, fat incineration, and the more surprisingly feature of the three, body detox. Outside of it’s obvious points, Phenadrol is going to be a pill product packing 60 servings per bottle, with no word on just how many capsules there is per serving. As far as contents go, Genomyx have yet to confirm any of the supplement’s ingredients. Although all is due to be revealed sometime in April, as Phenadrol is expected to arrive in the next two to four weeks.

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