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Untitled fat burner joined by pump pre-workout, Genomyx asking fanatyx what they want to see

Genomyx ask their fans what they want to see in their pump pre-workout

Last week the team over at Genomyx confirmed the coming of a new weight loss supplement, simply described as strong. The brand have now revealed yet another product in development which they are actually asking fans for input on.

There is no name for the upcoming formula, however Genomyx are taking suggestions of ingredients for a pump pre-workout, confirming the type of the supplement. The brains behind the brand do obviously know how to put together this type of formula, however they are creatively going to their fans for ideas. Resulting in something that could actually end up being a true people’s product. While there is of course no idea on time of arrival, feel free to submit features you would like to see in the pump pre-workout through Genomyx’s Facebook page.

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