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Giant Pump pre-release review, Giant Sports deliver a pump experience like no other

Review of Giant Sport's upcoming Giant Pump

Over the past year or so pump pre-workouts have become more and more common in the pre-workout category. Usually they are powered by a stimulant free formula, relying on only ingredients responsible for pump. This not only makes these supplements very good at what they do, but extremely flexible for stackability with pre-workouts that lack in the pump department. One of the latest and most exciting products due to enter the sub-category is Giant Sport’s upcoming Giant Pump. The top end brand have been teasing the supplement for a couple of months now, and were kind enough to pass on samples of it for a pre-release review. Today after putting the product to the test around four or five times, we have that review of Giant Pump before it hits shelves.

Unlike your regular ranged pre-workouts, as mentioned pump supplements are dedicated to just the pump effect. They don’t offer any sort of energy, focus, or intensity, they are designed solely to maximize pump. At first it is quite hard getting used to this type of product, not because it requires any sort of special attention. But because it’s a very different experience feeling and working out with only pump, compared to having all the other effects most successful pre-workouts offer.

One of the first things we noticed about Giant Pump, something that is most likely the same with all pump supplements, is that there is no kick. This is obviously due to the stimulant free formula, resulting in the only time you will actually be able to notice anything working, is when you start training. Initially it may seem like very little is going on, however after the first exercise, warm up, or three to five sets. You will notice the particular body part you are focusing or working on suddenly becomes quite full. As you move throughout your workout, things surprisingly only get better. The pump goes on to compete and become one of the best examples of the effect we have ever seen. Arms increasing by around one inch, legs double that at two, and chest/upper body by about two to three inches. On top of the incredible full muscles, and the always enjoyable ability to be able to pinpoint the area you want to focus on and activate. Giant Pump brings a little something else to the table, making it slightly more than a lone pump experience.

While earlier we did state that pump products are designed for the one effect, Giant’s formula does in fact have a second. Or at least some sort of another level of pump, that’s separate from your regular pump performance. It is quite difficult to describe the feeling the supplement offers, it’s best worded as a dense pump. Our experience with this kind of product isn’t as deep as pre-workouts in general, but of all the supplement’s we’ve tried nothing really features this type of effect Giant Pump delivers. When performing exercises you get this connection that allows you to feel each individual worked muscle, like you have control over every fiber.

On occasions where pump has been amazing for us in other products. Muscles enlarge to a point where it feels like you only have control over a small fraction of your expanded muscle. Giant Pump stands out in this area by not only giving you the familiar ability to concentrate, activate, and target specific areas. As well as basically ballooning your body. It also lets you feel like the size you have grown to is actually your regular size. With reps slowly becoming powered by the sensation of having massive muscle contractions, that you feel every single part of. Dense pump is a good description of Giant Pump’s bonus feature, however we feel an even better one would be an intense pump. It’s not in relation to it’s speed, size, or length, it’s about every rep where you can feel everything working, pulling or pushing. Creating a pump that has so much going on it’s simply just intense.

In all honesty Giant surprised us with this one. When we got the pre-release samples, the description and confidence of the brand made us think twice about what it would actually. With that in mind it only took a few sessions with Giant Pump to realize that the supplement is no joke. It does what it’s supposed to do, and that is pump you up about as much as you possibly can be. The real deal sealer for us came with the inner experience, the cherry on top of the supersizing, that dense intense pump that for now we are going to call the connect effect. Something we haven’t felt before, it goes beyond fullness, it’s a next level of pump that is so powerful you are connected to it like a sixth sense.

Knowing everything that it does and can do, we have to say Giant Pump is not something to miss out on. Whether you are looking to add more pump to your favorite pre-workout, a stimulant free solution, or after something that will have you hurting for days because the muscle isolation is that good. Giant’s Giant Pump is without a doubt a worthwhile investment, more so at it’s cost effective dollar per serving.

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