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Introducing the fast growing Hybrid Nutrition, from the brand that brought you Genomyx

From the brand who brought you Genomyx we have Hybrid Nutrition

Hybrid Nutrition is a relatively new brand to the market, that have started spreading out quite well over the past few months showing up in a number of popular retailers. One of the main reasons we believe they have managed to build quite the name for themselves and crawl into the market so easily. Is because the team behind Hybrid, is the same team that was behind Genomyx up until late last year when it was passed on over to Lecheek Nutrition. As for their supplements, the brand have started out with a total of four. Three complex products, the pre-workout PreAmp, the fat burner Hybrilean, and the muscle builder F1-Test. As well as the white labeled formula Agmapump, which sets itself apart from the rest by featuring just one ingredient, agmatine sulfate. Usually we would direct you to the company’s website, however Hybrid’s online presence is still under construction. So the best place to find out a little more on the supplements would have to be at one of the many stores stocking the brand, such as Best Price Nutrition, Nutraplanet, and Tiger Fitness.

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