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Isobag transport transformation attachment, Isolator confirm future Harness accessories

Isolator Fitness launch their Isobag accessory the Harness

For all those on-the-go health and fitness enthusiasts who enjoy one of the more cost effective meal management solutions, Isolater Fitness’s Isobag. The brand have put together an extra little accessory for the three or six meal variant of their flagship product. The item is called the Isobag Harness, an add-on designed to help make carting around your super sized lunchbox that much easier. As per the pictures, it essentially turns the usually shoulder held bag, into a backpack. The accessory also features four way adjustability, as well as upper back clips. Which Isolator are saying have been included for future releases that will simply attach, and turn the once straightforward meal management bag into an all in one transport system. Isolator have set the cost of comfort and expense of expansion at $25 for one color and one size. With the product in stock now, and ready to ship from the brand’s official website.

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