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Hulk Out shirts separated by print sides, Monsta Clothing add two more men’s tees

Monsta Clothing launch their two new Hulk Out variant tees

The iconic bodybuilding apparel company Monsta Clothing, have been adding to their extensive range of products almost every week. The last thing we saw from the brand was their relatively expensive Championship Style pendant and custom ring, which they have now followed up on with two tops. The new men’s tees both feature the same print, separated by the sides the graphics have been printed on. For the green tee, ‘Hulk Out’ is stamped on the front with the black shirt getting it on the back. The opposing side for both tees feature once again the same print, with the equally bold words ‘Feel the Rush’. The two tops have been produced in the usual six sizes small to XXXL, and valued the same as most of the brand’s other shirts at $22.99. As per usual Monsta Clothing have taken the two new additions straight to launch, currently listing them both as in stock and ready to purchase from their official store.

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