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MP Rockwell Coliseum watch available direct, Muscle Pharm resurrect their sportswear store

Muscle Pharm's MP Sportswear store featuring the Rockwell Coliseum Watch

Over the past week we have introduced a handful of new flavors for two of Muscle Pharm’s Arnold Schwarzenegger supplements, Iron Pump and Iron Whey. While the brand have clearly been hard at work on new variants for their products, the clothing side of the Athlete’s Company, MP Sportswear. Have been equally hard at work getting out just as many items for loyal Muscle Pharm fans. A lot of the pieces have been showing up at stockists, however even more have shown up on the brand’s resurrected direct store. It was sometime last year when was originally taken down, regardless it is now back with it’s own dedicated section on Muscle Pharm’s official website. As mentioned not only is the online store listing a number of current MP apparel pieces, but it also features a few items not found anywhere else including the Arnold shaker and iPhone 5 case. Muscle Pharm drawstring bag, Fitmiss shaker and wristbands, and the Rockwell collaboration MP Coliseum Watch. If you would like to check out what the athlete’s brand have on offer direct from their clothing company. Swap out your MP Sportswear bookmark with‘s apparel division and it’s surprisingly competitive prices.

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