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Iron Whey set to get three new flavors, more options for Muscle Pharm’s Arnold Series

Muscle Pharm set to add three new flavors to Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Whey

On Monday we posted that Muscle Pharm would be adding a fourth flavor to their Arnold Schwarzenegger Series pre-workout Iron Pump, with pineapple mango. We also said that the athlete’s company had a few more variants to be revealed. We can now tell you that one of the other supplements due for a new flavor or three is the Arnold protein powder, Iron Whey. The product that is currently only available in two basic tastes, chocolate and vanilla is set to get three more added to it’s menu, with cookies & cream, strawberry banana, and peanut butter cup. While cookies can currently be found on the flavor list of Muscle Pharm’s Combat, as well as a peanut butter variant with chocolate peanut butter. The strawberry banana Iron Whey is going to be the brand’s first attempt at the taste. Like Iron Pump’s pineapple mango, Iron Whey’s three new options are also due out sometime next month. Along with the other new variants yet to be confirmed.

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