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Muscle Sport looking to up their pre-workout, Rhino Revolution reformulation due late April

Muscle Sport confirm the coming of a reformulated Rhino Revolution

Rhino Revolution is Muscle Sport International’s current entry in the competitive pre-workout category. While the brand are not looking to change that name anytime soon, they have confirmed that in the next few months Rhino is going to be reformulated. Muscle Sport have revealed very little on the topic of the updated supplement, but highlighted an improved flavor system, a new serving strategy, and a completely different formula. To help tease the product that little bit more the brand have also mentioned that the 2014 Rhino Revolution will be featuring an ingredient currently almost untouched, and one that will be a big deal for the supplement. The information released as mentioned isn’t a lot to go off, however more details should be available soon. As Muscle Sport are looking to launch their supercharged pre-workout somewhere around late April, early May.

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