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NO Bull XMT facts panel reveals small changes, MuscleMeds add Peak ATP and drop eNoxide

Facts panel released for MuscleMeds new pre-workout NO Bull XMT

While we all sit patiently and wait for MuscleMed’s exciting post-workout Secret Sauce. The brand do have something else that is on the way with NO Bull XMT. We initially saw the new pre-workout in the back story video of Secret Sauce. It was then later confirmed that XMT was the mark of a reformulation, when the supplement surfaced once again in the latest Train with Kai Greene video. From what we could see on the face of the product, we discovered that NO Bull XMT would be featuring the popular Peak ATP. What we didn’t know is that with the introduction of the ingredient, would come the loss of the pre-workout’s 10mg of eNoxide. The reason we know that is because NO Bull XMT’s facts panel has become available, confirming that those two points are really the only changes in the supplement. It turns out that every feature in the current NO Bull formula except for eNoxide, has been carried over to XMT. There is one more very minor alteration, where MuscleMeds have swapped around the positions of vinpocetine and huperzine. But without a transparent facts panel that is all that appears to have been done. The proprietary blend weight is also identical to that of the current NO Bull, or at least identical to half. As MuscleMeds have doubled it’s size from 4,332mg to 8,664mg, however halved the amount of servings per bottle from 40 to 20. To further detail the ingredients and changes in the upcoming NO Bull XMT, we have uploaded it’s facts panel below.

MuscleMeds NO Bull XMT facts panel
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