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Highly anticipated Secret Sauce now available, MuscleMed’s launch their latest direct for $60

MuscleMeds Secret Sauce now available direct

We finally have the news so many people have been waiting for, with the availability announcement of MuscleMed’s hot new supplement Secret Sauce. The post-workout that has been in conversation almost every week since it was first spotted, can now be purchased from the brand’s official store. For some it may be a little bit expensive at $59.99 a tub,

but for those who have been patiently waiting for the Generation Iron product placement, it’s not that bad of a price. You could choose to wait for a MuscleMeds stockist to get a hold of Secret Sauce, which we do believe could see the supplement dropped by anywhere between 30 to 40%. If however you do just want to go through with the direct purchase, grab your wallet and head on over to MuscleMed’s direct store. But make sure you note somewhere what flavor you are after, as there is currently no drop down menu to select either punch or orange Secret Sauce.

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