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Secret Sauce arrives at Supplement Central, MuscleMed’s new post-workout valued at $38

MuscleMeds new Secret Sauce now available at Supplement Central

Secret Sauce was first leaked through imagery and some promotional spots, then finally went on sale through MuscleMed’s official store. Despite it’s direct availability, at $60 we ourselves weren’t too keen on getting Secret Sauce that much. Especially after hearing about the Arnold special of $30. For all those that were in the same boat as us, and have been waiting for a better price. MuscleMed’s latest innovation has now surfaced at the one and only Supplement Central. The highly anticipated post-workout formula is in stock and ready to be purchased in both flavors, orange and fruit punch, for the much better price of $37.95. While it still may be quite expensive for some, at almost $40 for a 20 serving tub. That is probably going to be the best price you will find it, if not then pretty close, as Supp Central tend to have things valued quite competitively. You could choose to wait until other retailers start showing up with Secret Sauce. However they are only likely to beat Supp Central by a few bucks if any, unless of course someone releases it with a launch special.

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