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MuscleMed’s NO Bull XMT launched, updated pre-workout now available direct for $54.99

MuscleMeds launch their new NO Bull XMT direct for $54.99

MuscleMeds have been teasing their new pre-workout product NO Bull XMT for a little over a month now. The supplement has been popping up in videos through products drops, with it’s latest display of promotion in an official launch. The updated pre-workout, that was previously confirmed to have only minor changes done to it, has finally arrived and gone on sale. Like MuscleMeds other releases from the year with Power Test, Phenbuterol, Carnivor Bars, and the exciting Secret Sauce. NO Bull XMT has first surfaced on the brand’s official website, listing a price you may want to hold off on. While it is an early bird opportunity at MuscleMed’s latest innovation, with a price tag of $54.99 you could actually save $5 and purchase a 30 serving tub of both new ANS Ritual flavors. At the end of the day the decision is yours, but after seeing Carnivor Bars, Phenbuterol, and Secret Sauce all hit MuscleMed’s store first, then hit stockists for significantly cheaper. It would be worthwhile waiting that extra month or however long it takes for NO Bull XMT to hit retailers.

Update: NO Bull XMT also now available from GNC for significantly less than MuscleMed’s official store at $22.99 a tub.

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