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Entire Signature Series soon to be flavored, it’s pill to powder for Stacked-N.O. & Beta-Stim

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim and Stacked-N.O. powder

Similar to how he took his Signature Series original Testogen-XR from powder to tablet, Ronnie Coleman is looking to transform two more of his supplements. This time around instead of going from taste to tab, he is going to go the other way around, from pill to powder. The two products confirmed to be getting the treatment is the fat burner Beta-Stim, and one of the best titled formulas in the game Stacked-N.O. On most occasions this sort of thing is usually for international versions. Which is actually not the case for these flavored solutions, as the brand have reassured us that they will be distributed everywhere. Unfortunately there is no real estimation as to when they will arrive. However to keep expansion rolling and reach growing, fans will be happy to hear that the Signature Series individuals, Creatine and Glutamine XS. Are now being spread out into more stores outside of the previous few stockists.