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Crossfit inspired WOD Crusher series, Scitec Nutrition’s new four piece supplement line

Scitec Nutrition's new WOD Crusher supplement series

While we may have only just posted about Scitec Nutrition’s new clothing additions to their Muscle Army Series, one of many spin off lines they produce. The brand have announced another supplement series due to arrive mid March, the WOD Crusher range. WOD of course standing for ‘Workout Of the Day’, or at least that is what is usually means. As for Scitec’s latest product series it means ‘Work Out and Diet’. The line itself is made up of four supplements, all Crossfit inspired. Starting with Unbroken Pak, the multi-complex formula featuring creatine, carnitine, BCAAs, beta-alanine, Co-Q10, as well as vitamin blend. Muscle Factor, a product listing forskolin, HMB, and more. Then the last two, which we have only names available for, Fire Works and the boxed supplement Nem Forte. As mentioned Scitec Nutrition are intending on launching their WOD Crusher range later this month, with believe it or not an exact date of March 16th.

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