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Pink lemonade Xtend available everywhere, Scivation’s exclusive dropped

Scivation's pink lemonade Xtend no longer exclusive

Despite the fact that Scivation fans do already have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to their iconic and legendary intra-workout Xtend, with a total of nine different flavors (ten international). The brand behind our #2 pre-workout supplement Psycho, have decided those nine variants need to be stocked by everyone in America, not just Scivation have now removed the previously exclusive pink lemonade’s limitations, and started distributing the taste to other stockists. While not everyone is currently listing Xtend’s ninth flavor, there are enough stores out there with it ready to ship, to confirm that Scivation’s announcement is very real. Even though the popular don’t exactly list the product at an over the top price. Followers and shoppers of other Scivation stockists, will most definitely appreciate the exclusivity release of pink lemonade. Giving them that one extra option for both Xtend tub sizes.

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