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Red Hot launched at Supplement Central, Universal’s new fat burner arrives just under $30

Universal Nutrition's fat burner Red Hot official launched

Universal Nutrition’s previously previewed, teased, then detailed fat burner Red Hot. Has finally surfaced after almost two months since it was first mentioned. The weight loss supplement had already been confirmed to feature a total of nine ingredients listing highlights such as green coffee bean, ursolic acid, and coleus forskholii. The price was of course the only thing left to be revealed, which for a 60 capsule bottle designed to last users a minimum of 20 days, has officially been valued at a little under $30. If you are wanting to get a hold of the product as soon as possible, then the place to go is Supplement Central. While other stores are expected to be getting Universal’s Red Hot, Supp Central is currently the only one with it in stock, ready to ship for just $27.95.

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