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2 new flavors for the unflavored CREmTOR, VPX add to their complex creatine supplement

VPX add two new flavors to their creatine supplement CREmTOR

VPX’s creatine supplement CREmTOR, which was first spotted early last year in June. Initially hit shelves in just the one convenient option, a 30 serving 180g unflavored tub. The brand are now looking to expand on that lonely menu, going outside the stackable variant with a couple of fruity flavors. The two tastes joining CREmTOR’s original single selection are watermelon and wild grape. Unlike others on the market, VPX have not made the new options more expensive or modified their serving amounts. With the only change being the additional 20 calories per scoop. At the moment there are no stockists listing CREmTOR in watermelon or wild grape. However they are listed on VPX’s official website, and are available for pre-order.

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