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2014 Collection pre-orders reaching fulfillment, 6 Pack Fitness make it a five week turnaround

6 Pack Fitness fulfilling pre-orders of their Expert, Elite and Prodigy Collections

6 Pack Fitness have confirmed the official launch of their three new and re-categorizing product lines, the Expert, Elite, and Prodigy Collections. The brand previously uploaded a total 53 different bags, including all variants and colors, going online for pre-order as promised on the first day of the Arnold Classic. 6 Pack have now once again followed through on their promise, fulfilling and shipping out all their loyal fans orders in April. Instead of holding out until later in the month, the innovative company are currently processing pre-orders looking to get product to customers over the next week or so. The news is no doubt exciting for those who secured their innovation early on. More so for those who had to go through last year’s dragged out release, and still stuck with the meal bag brand. The last thing 6 Pack have to do now is deliver more information or if possible launch the Alpha Duffle and the Originator 300 & 500. Two of the company’s biggest previews and most noticeably missing meal management systems.

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