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13th Bulk Series supplement Glutamine, AI’s latest well worth purchasing direct for freebie

AI Sports release their 13th individual ingredient supplement Glutamine

AI Sports have just released another new product for the year, with the 13th entry into their basic Bulk Series. Over the past few months we have seen quite a bit from the brand, most the attention coming from the launch of their pre-workout Furious. AI’s latest formula however steps away from the complex side of things, seeing a supplement make use of just it’s title ingredient Glutamine. Squeezed into each tub of the new product is 300g of unflavored glutamine, with each of it’s 100 scoops leveling out to 3g. AI have already uploaded the individual supplement to their official store, and while it’s price of $24.99 may seem a bit steep. If you do decide to order from the brand’s website, you will get a free 120 capsule bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract. As a part of AI’s April no coupon code no minimum promotion.

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