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Stack3d @ the 2014 FileX, APS Nutrition and their latest release Aminomorph

Stack3d at the FileX with APS Nutrition and their new Aminomorph

APS Nutrition, the brand behind the pre-workout Mesomorph, or the more current version Mesomorph 2.0. Are on display here at the 2014 FileX with a supplement you may not have seen unless you are a local shopper. The APS product is Aminomorph, a recently released amino acid formula that has yet to be added to the brand’s official website. Despite not having a direct source of information on the supplement, there is very little to the product as it is simply just an 8g 2:1:1 BCAA powder. As far as variants go Aminomorph comes in three flavors, lemon drop, pineapple, and mango, all of which are available in both the supplement’s sizes, a 30 serving 342g tub and a 60 serving 684g.

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