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Balanced Hydration launched as promised, NutriForce’s sixth on sale at Muscle & Strength

Nutriforce new Balanced Hydration launched at Muscle & Strength

Crossfit based brand NutriForce last week unveiled their sixth supplement, the title descriptive formula Balanced Hydration. In our post covering the announcement we mentioned everything you need to know about the product including it’s intentions, facts panel, and even who developed the supplement. This week as promised Balanced Hydration has been launched, along with a price those who don’t usually use hydration formulas may want to look at. The value of the 35 serving product has been set at just under $10 for both flavors, citrus and coconut pineapple. If that 28 cents per serving still isn’t enough for you. The first store to stock Balanced Hydration Muscle & Strength, are listing it with a buy 2 get 1 free deal. The sale drops that already cost effective 28 cents all the way down to a very convincing 19 cents. The deal is only available for a limited time, so even if you’re slightly interested in the latest from NutriForce head on over to Muscle & Strength.

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