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Balanced Hydration developed by Kelly Starrett, Crossfit brand NutriForce introduce their ninth supplement

Nutriforce Sports introduce their ninth supplement Balanced Hydration

NutriForce Sports is a Crossfit based supplement company that launched quite well last year, and in just a few short months managed to spread into every major retailer. The brand originally arrived with a total of eight products, ranging from basics such as glutamine and creatine, to more complex formulas such as the multi-vitamin WODPak and the pre-workout PreWOD. After almost a year on the market NutriForce are now ready to introduce a ninth supplement with Balanced Hydration. While we have uploaded the facts panel for the title detailed product below, the slightly more interesting thing about the latest NutriForce supplement is how it was developed. The brand apparently turned to Kelly Starrett, a best selling author and popular physical therapist to help develop Balanced Hydration. To give athletes of all walks of life exactly what they need, when it comes to hydration supplementation. NutriForce are expected to have their ninth product in stores as early as next week. With two 35 serving flavors on the menu, citrus and coconut pineapple.

NutriForce Sports Balanced Hydration facts panel
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