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Teased Cor Whey flavor launched as GNC exclusive, Cellucor make it 10 with chocolate chip cookie dough

Cellucor release 10th Cor Whey flavor chocolate chip cookie dough

A fan recently pointed out that on Cellucor’s website they have listed two unreleased Cor Whey flavors, both from their list of their 2013 announced variants. The duo are s’mores and chocolate chip cookie dough, with the latter now officially available. While all three 2lbs tastes Cellucor have introduced since the arrival Cor Whey, red velvet cake batter, fetti cake batter and mint chocolate chip, have all been exclusives. The supplement’s 10th overall option has gone to the other giant in the market GNC. According to the brand the latest addition to Cor Whey may not be on GNC’s website just yet, but should already be on sale at your local retailer. If however you do prefer to stay within the comfort of your own home, there is the option of Cellucor’s own website which is now listing the flavor as in stock for $39.99.

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