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Preview of the upcoming four Cannibals, Chaos and Pain consistent with presentation and price

Look and price preview of Chaos and Pain's upcoming supplements

It may not put the supplements in our hands. But Chaos and Pain’s preview of their four upcoming products, does suggest they are closer to launch then ever. The brand have uploaded individual pages to their website with a look at each one of the supplements, the testosterone booster Cannibal Alpha. the fat burner Cannibal Claw, the mental stimulator Cannibal Davinci, and the sequel pump pre-workout Cannibal Permaswole. Along with the preview revealing Chaos and Pain’s consistent hardcore look and feel, the brand have also listed the products with prices. While they do give you a good idea of what you’re expected to pay for the new formulas when they arrive. It comes as no surprise that they are all valued the same as Chaos and Pain’s current three supplements, Ferox, Inferno and the mind accelerator Genius. Whether that means they will be kept the same in stockists as well, we don’t know. Although we are all going to find when the products hit shelves sometime over the next few weeks.

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