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Fudge brownie and birthday cake hit Nutraplanet, celebratory ISO 100s outside as promised

Dymatize Nutrition's fudge brownie and birthday cake ISO 100 at Nutraplanet

As promised Dymatize Nutrition’s two celebratory and previously exclusive ISO 100 flavors have shown up outside it’s original location. Both fudge brownie and birthday cake have been uploaded to the one of our favorite retailers, Nutraplanet. One of the things we expected the wider availability of the options to bring was a bit of competition. Which is indeed what Nutraplanet have done, listing the 7th and 8th ISO 100 tastes for about a dollar less than There is unfortunately a catch, as the new celebratory stockist only has the flavors in the 1.6lb tub, not the 5lb. There is no word on whether or not Nutraplanet are going to get the tastes in the larger tub. So for now the store is best treated as the place to go if you’re interested in trying fudge brownie or birthday cake ISO 100.

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