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One supplement brand confirms a third, Explicit taking sign ups for ThermoLyze

Explicit Nutrition reveal a third supplement ThermoLyze

Late last month Explicit Nutrition confirmed their interest in a second supplement, with news of a pre-workout on the way. While we have still yet to get any kind of update on the energizing product, the brand have actually revealed a third supplement. In a rather tactical move

Explicit have produced only 100 bottles of their new fat burner ThermoLyze, which they are looking to put on sale in two days time. The brand have not yet set a price for the product nor have they released any details on it’s contents. However fans are being directed to sign up for ThermoLyze notifications, which will include an early bird warning of when the supplement becomes available. If you would like to put your name down, even if you’re just curious. Head on over to Explicit’s build up page where you can also see ThermoLyze’s launch countdown.

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